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MrBitcoin May 22, 2018 · May 22, 2018 · 2:00 pm Is ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, the mysterious, anonymous creator of Bitcoin the original cryptocurrency, actually a woman? In 2008 Nakamoto authored the white paper describing the most famous crypto, from which all other cryptos have spawned. In a community and industry dominated by men, the statement “Satoshi is a […]

MrBitcoin May 18, 2018

Adam James · May 18, 2018 · 9:00 am The price of BNB has rapidly increased following the announcement from Binance that the popular exchange will be doubling its referral commission rewards under certain conditions. Tell Your Friends The Malta-based exchange has announced that it will be doubling its referral commission rewards to 40 percent for […]

MrBitcoin May 16, 2018

Wilma Woo · May 16, 2018 · 7:00 am Bitcoin Core developer Johnathan Corgan has joined Jimmy Song in criticizing the seeming lack of Bitcoin focus at this week’s Consensus 2018 conference. Corgan: Blockchain ‘Bashing’ Bitcoin In a long series of tweets summarizing the event, which ends May 16, Corgan highlighted what he described as […]

MrBitcoin May 14, 2018

Adam James · May 14, 2018 · 1:00 am The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested five individuals charged in connection with an alleged home-invasion conspiracy to steal nearly $1 million in Bitcoin.  Residential Strong Arm Robbery They say that crime never pays. For five men in Georgia, that was certainly the case. As reported […]

MrBitcoin May 12, 2018

Nigel Gambanga · May 12, 2018 · 3:00 am Wenn Digital, the outfit behind KODAKOne has announced that it intends to raise up to US$50 million in a combined public and private token offering. KODAKOne is licensed by Eastman Kodak Co (Kodak), the imaging products and photography company that announced its entry into the cryptocurrency space at […]

MrBitcoin May 10, 2018

Julio Gil-Pulgar · May 10, 2018 · 1:00 am Bitmain, the Chinese chip maker, is manufacturing hardware and chips that deliver such hash power that those using them could end up controlling the Ethereum transaction confirmation process, obliterating small miners. As a result, Ethereum developers are fiercely working on countermeasures, such as Casper, to dramatically […]

MrBitcoin May 8, 2018 · May 7, 2018 · 10:00 pm It’s no secret that iGaming is an incredibly popular and lucrative enterprise. Being able to hit the jackpot from the comfort of one’s own couch is an attractive prospect for anyone looking to scratch that iGaming itch. That said, it’s also no secret that iGaming suffers from […]

MrBitcoin May 6, 2018

Jeff Francis · May 5, 2018 · 8:00 pm The Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) in Washington state is heightening its security over fears of angry Bitcoin mining operators who are being shut down. As some countries crack down on Bitcoin mining, operators have taken to looking for greener pastures. The chief concern is […]

MrBitcoin May 3, 2018

Wilma Woo · May 3, 2018 · 5:00 pm Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Tangem has begun the first rollout of its ‘Bitcoin banknotes’ to its pioneer market of Singapore. ‘Cheap Enough To Hand Over’ Tangem, which seeks to make cash-like transactions using cryptocurrency more familiar to entry-level consumers, plans to mass produce the notes in […]

MrBitcoin April 25, 2018

Georgi Georgiev · April 25, 2018 · 9:00 am Analysts seem to anticipate another Bitcoin “price explosion” that may even lead to its value surpassing the 2017 all-time highs. Positive price predictions are raining like cats and dogs as buy orders now comprise a major part of the market’s activity. At the time of press, […]